Star Syndicast Preview – Intro

The Star Syndicast – Episode 0: Intro

Intro episode to the Star Syndicate Podcast AKA The Star Syndicast.

Prepare to feast your ears and open your third eyes to the cool comedy of the Star Syndicate – back from where you never returned before. The original Flash cartoon pranksters never went away – mobile phones just destroyed our stomping grounds. Thanks, Steve Jobs! What do you mean people don’t like terrible hentai pop-up ads on their comedic content? Nonsense.

The Star Syndicast will soon hit the podwaves, so keep an eye out on your podibles’ podfeeds. The format can only be described as best as you can imagine. Remember when iPods were actually Pods and not phones? Remember when earPods didn’t exist? Can we still make them not exist? Regardless, the Star Syndicast will make you bust out all your old headphones, headsets, and Head brand tennis equipment.



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The Star Syndicast

Bonus Content Haikus:

LaucherellaToday at 10:00 PM

Today I was at this 1 publix that gives out samples n recipe cards n I got sum potatoes n meat but the meat was fucking ribz n I got one o the last samples n there was fuckan shards of bone in it
I had half a mind to choke to sue publix I tell u hwut
The publix recipe program is gonna fuckin kill some1 mmw

jenyerToday at 10:26 PM

dudes who never used a bong ploppin their entire mouth around the opening like they r suckin a dick
and then everyones like ew dude did u really think thats how to do it and someone runs a lighter around the edge
hm i miss bongs

SevenStarToday at 8:56 PM

u rily gotta snip urself now bwoi u cnt b allowed 2 hurt peopl wit ur weena n e mo
Bottom TExt